Empson USA Rossini

Fact Sheet


Location: San Donà di Piave, Province of Venice. Veneto, Italy

Canella Rossini, the newest cocktail from Canella, is the result of a cooperation between Casa Vinicola Canella and Candonga® Top-Quality Strawberries. The winery is located in San Donà di Piave and Luciano’s children, Alessandra, Lorenzo, Nicoletta, and Monica, now run the winery together with Tommaso, the first of the third generation.

Points Of Differentiation

  • Made from Candonga® Top-Quality Strawberries
  • Made using Canella’s sparkling wine
  • No artificial flavoring, no chemical tampering
  • Low in Alcohol, 5%, and only 60 calories per serving
  • Can be enjoyed on its own or as an aperitif

The History

The Canella family not only provides the world with fizz, fun, and freshness from Canella Proseccos; they have also become masters at blending those zesty bubbles with succulent fruit in delicious, colorful cocktails –such as Bellini.

The Canella Winery started producing Bellini cocktails in 1988, learning how to find the perfect mix of fruit and wine. Nowadays, after 30 years of experience with sparklers and fruit, the company is specializing in all-natural pre-mixed cocktails. Rossini is the newest cocktail in Canella’s line up of fruit-based cocktails.

The Terroir

When the Canella winery sent out to make a strawberry cocktail, they knew they were up for a challenge. Strawberries are notoriously hard to replicate in the food and beverage world. The only option was to source the best berries the Canellas could find.

It turns out that best strawberries can from Policoro, Basilicata, 621 miles away from the winery. Candonga’s Strawberry Farms are located in Policoro, and the unique climate of the region produces a unique flavor profile in the fruit.

Candonga® Strawberries are easy to recognize thanks to their elongated and conical shape. On the palate, this strawberry has the perfect balance of sugar and acidity.