Fact Sheet

Location: Zeddiani, Province of Oristano. Sardinia, Italy.

The Province of Oristano in Sardinia is known for it wild and pristine beaches. It makes sense that a distillery found in this area would reflect its landscape.

Wild Sardinia was started by Flavio Porcu, who was born and raised in Sardinia. While Flavio had worked in the wine and liquor industry most of his life it wasn’t until he turned 46 that he decided to set out on his own and start his own distillery.

Flavio knew from the beginning what he wanted. High-quality products, with elegant packaging and natural ingredients were the key to his distillery’s success. In Flavio’s words, “My greatest satisfaction is creating emotions through passion. I try to first put myself in the shoes of those who will taste it. I then try to create the product using all my experience and the love I have for my work, in hopes of passing on the values that my family, my land and my work have given me.”

Flavio partnered with Silvio Carta, a distillery on the island who’s history went back more than half a century. Today the distillery is run by Elio Carta, son of the original founder.

Flavio was attracted by two key features of the distillery, its proximity to the Vernaccia vineyards, used for making Wild Sardinia’s iconic Vermouth, and the company’s slogan Armonia della Natura or Harmony in Nature, which fit with Flavio’s plan of using all natural ingredients.

Today, Wild Sardinia has four craft spirits in its portfolio, Gin, Mirton, Vermouth and Vodka. Each spirit is crafted using only the finest ingredients from Sardinia and is the result of tireless care and attention to detail.