Fact Sheet

Location: Piedmont and Tuscany, Italy.

Gineprina d’Olanda is an Italian expression that was created towards the end of the 1800s to describe the types of gins coming from the Netherlands, when international blending and foreign distilled spirits prevailed in Italy. Recently, the expression was rediscovered in a rare Italian text that contained a collection of approximately two thousand liqueur recipes that was quite a successful in the 1800s. The book would have been used by distilleries that started operating in that period to meet the demands of a prosperous alcoholic beverage market.

Over time the cost of transport and customs duties, the World Wars, and consumer trends moved spirit production away from using traditional ingredients…until recently when the Imea distillery decided to try and recreate the historic gin.

Today, Imea’s Gineprina d’Olanda is produced using the original and unique formula and it is the true expression of the liqueur culture of the 1800s, made from traditional ingredients, created with simple recipes, and containing very few flavorings.

The distillery, which has been in operation since the 1890s is located in the sunny hills between Monferrato and Turin. The distillery in now in its fourth generation, run by Carlo Quaglia the great-grandson of the founder. In compliance with the tradition and authenticity of the distillery, Carlo focuses on satisfying the needs of consumers by offering a product that contains the finest quality.