Empson USA Corte Giacobbe

Fact Sheet

[cor-TAY jah-co-BAY]

Location: Ronca, Province of Verona. Veneto, Italy

Corte Giacobbe was founded in 1934 after Augusto Dal Cero, who purchased his first three hectares. Today the winery is run by Augusto’s grandchildren, Davide, Alberto, Francesca and Nico. The winery has grown to encompass 40 hectares and is located between two extinct volcanos.

Points of Differentiation

  • Located between two extinct volcanos. The soil is composed of gray and black lavas and tuff
  • Because of the terroir the grapes have strong aromatic and mineral characteristic
  • All of Corte Giacobbe’s wines are estate-grown and estate-bottled
  • Strong air currents from the Alps bring cold air which influences the development of aromatics in the grapes
  • South-facing vineyards receive abundant sunlight through all season

The History

Corte Giacobbe’s story begins with the charismatic Augusto Dal Cero, who purchased his first three hectares in 1934.

His sons, Giuseppe and Dario, took over the winery after their father passed away and quickly showed they were up to the challenge of running the winery by expanding the vineyard area from three hectares to 40 hectares.

Today, Dario’s children have followed in their father’s footsteps and are running the winery. Davide is the enologist and manages the winery. Alberto is the vineyard manager. Francesca is in charge of the winery’s marketing programs and exports while Nico is in charge of the domestic sales for Italy. Together, the family’s respect for local traditions, which started with Augusto, is paralleled by a commitment to crafting wines that are the perfect expression of the local terroir.

Located in Ronca, the winery and cellar have undergone renovation as part of the family’s dedication to producing quality wines. As a result, the wines reflect three generations of dedication and flawless expertise.

The Terroir

The vineyards are located just a few kilometers away from Soave, high on the slopes of the Lessini Mountains, about 1,345 feet above sea level. The vineyards are planted on the hillsides, giving the vines excellent exposure to sunlight, which allows the grapes to ripen perfectly. Also, the superb day/night temperature swings further contribute to the wines’ structure and complexity.

There are two extinct volcanoes on the estate, Calvarina and Crocetta. The extraordinary Runcata Vineyard sits on the ridge that divides these two volcanoes and is planted on ancient stratovolcano. This mixture of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash enriches the black and gray tuff soil with minerals and beneficial elements that lend minerality and fragrance to the wine.