Empson USA Vigneti Zabu

Fact Sheet


Location: Sambuca di Sicilia, Province of Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

Lying on a hill, Sambuca di Sicilia is located in the Belice Valley, where lush vegetation surrounds the town. The origin of the town?s name comes from its founder, Al Zabuth the Charming, an Arab Emir. It was Al Zabuth who revived the town agricultural growth, which had been previously lagging.

Today, the surrounding area is strewn with archaeological artifacts that point to the generations of farmers who have lived here over the centuries. These men and women of the land have a strong tradition of farming while maintaining respect for nature.

This respect for the land fits well with Farnese philosophy has led to the creation of Vigneti Zab?. In the winery?s words, ?The art of winemaking can create nothing more than what the grapes contain in nature.? The vines that grow in the Sambuca region, are subjected to the hot Sicilian summer days and cool nights which help the grapes develop wonderful, layered, flavors. The heat of the summer is tempered by the generous water supply of Lake Arancio which helps to create a microclimate ideal for the vines.

Zab? employs the most advanced winemaking technology which is critical to enabling the features of the grapes to be transferred intact to the bottle. It is Farnese?s belief that excessive enthusiasm while working in the vineyards is pointless if the winery is unable to maintain certain standards when bottling.