Empson USA Molo 8

Fact Sheet

[MO-LOW 8]

Location: Motta Baluffi, Province of Creamona, Lombardy, Italy.

The story of Molo 8 began in 1921 with Quitico Decordi Sr. and his family who made their living in a small, family-run eatery that was known for serving the favorite local dishes.

In addition to his fabulous food, Quitico began producing his own wine to be served in his restaurant. The local acclaim for the wines was so great that the family began focusing their efforts on producing wine, moving from simple house wine to crafting artisanal wines produced from local grapes. The Decordi?s reputation for producing great wine grew and with it so did demand. In 1950, the family built a new winery.

Not content to rely solely on their reputation, the Decordi family has a history of innovation in the cellar. In 1964, the winery installed some of the industry?s first automated bottling systems and in 2007 a thermo-regulated warehouse was built.

Today the winery continues to innovate and received the prestigious UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification. This international certification is designed to recognize organizations that work to minimize how their operations affect the environment and take steps to continually innovate to prevent adverse changes to the air, water and land.