Empson USA Pietradolce

Fact Sheet

Pietradolce was established in 2005 and was founded in Solicchiata, an area within the district of the town of Castiglione di Sicilia, on the Northern slopes of Etna. There are little over 27 acres of vineyards that grow at a height of between 2,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level and are divided into three sections, two of which fall within the territory of Rampante and the other which falls in the territory of Zottorinoto.

The vineyards are composed of stony, light, sandy loam, with abundant mineral elements. The soil is the result of the numerous eruptions by Mount Enta throughout the centuries, which gives the wines special characteristics, and makes them completely unique. Mount Etna enjoys a unique micro-climate that is cooler than other areas in Sicily. The temperatures in winter can be close to freezing point and in the summer, the heat is never excessive. There can also be a large swing between daytime and nighttime temperatures, sometimes up to 20?F. This difference in temperature means extraordinary fragrance and finesse in the wines.

The Pietradolce philosophy, in the words of Michele Faro, owner of Pietradolce, ?At the heart of our philosophy is a love for our land which is equaled by the respect with which we treat it. We look to the rich local traditions for all that is best in them and then combine these with a wise use of modern viticultural techniques to give life to our passion: the wines of Etna.?