Empson USA Fantini

Fact Sheet


Location: Ortona, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy.

The wines from Abruzzo became famous in the 16th century, thanks to Princess Margaret of Austria. Princess Margaret and her husband, Prince Farnese, began producing high quality wines that were enjoyed at feasts all over Europe. Farnese has made sure that these wines from Abruzzo have kept their excellent reputation throughout the years with Fantini becoming the most recent example of Farnese?s dedication to producing high-quality wines.

Fantini wines are a reflection of the colors of Abruzzo, painting fantastic landscapes of taste and living for the love of the endless vineyards that are protected by Mount Majella. The vineyards are located on the hillside and stretch down to the sea. The vineyards enjoy optimum exposure and an excellent microclimate which explains why the vines produce grapes with excellent complexity and fruit-forward flavors.

The Fantini line is made from the best grapes from the mountainside vineyards. Once the wines have been produced, they are transferred to the cellars at the restored Caldora Castle.

When crafting the wines Fantini employs the most advanced winery technology available to ensure the wines reflects the authentic characteristics of the grapes used. It is Farnese?s belief that excessive enthusiasm in the vineyards is pointless if the winery is unable to maintain certain standards when bottling. In the winery?s words, ?We believe we cannot produce a great wine without constant supervision on behalf of expert winemakers. This is the reason that for each vintage Fantini employs six top winemakers, to work in perfect harmony with the grapes and ensure they are turned into great wines.?