Fact Sheet


Location: Egna, Province of Bolzano, Alto Adige, Italy.

At the base of the soaring Alps are the municipalities of Montagna and Egna. The soils in this area are predominantly porphyric sand, clay and limestone and have a reputation of creating wines that are highly concentrated and expressive. It was in this area that the Franz Haas family chose to plant roots and began producing estate wines in the 1881. Since then the family estate has been handed down from generation to generation--for seven generations in total.

Today the surface area under vine is 124 acres, 69 of which are estate-owned or leased, while the rest belong to farmers with vineyards located in especially favorable areas. The Franz Haas mission has always been that of expressing the character and longevity of this unique terrain in Alto Adige, etched into the foothills of the Cislon Mountain.

The vineyards are located within the districts of Montagna and Egna, both on the slopes of Mount Cislon with altitudes varying between 790 to 3,773 feet above sea level. These vineyards feature an extremely wide range of microclimates and soil types such as porphyric sand, clay, and highly calcareous terrain. All Franz Haas vineyards were profoundly renovated from 1982 to 1986. New vines were planted with densities of 2,430 to 5,060 per acre. The vines chosen were select, low-yielding clones as well as new varieties, which showed excellent quality and longevity, unusual for the area.

One thing that has remained unchanged is the constant commitment of the winery’s owners and employees to produce high quality wines. It is this commitment that transformed the property into the innovative winery it is today.

Today, 7th generation owner and winemaker Franz Haas oversees the winery. Franz is assisted by Maria Luisa, who is the co-owner and creative director of the winery. Her artistic and passionate personality helps to balance Franz’s scientific approach to winemaking.