Fact Sheet


Location: Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia, Italy.

Renato was born in Gallura, the north-eastern most portion of the island. The area’s crushed granite soils are ideal for draining and endow local wines with enriched complexity and minerality. Renato and Angela Spanu purchased 21 acres of virgin hillside in 2006, planting 11 acres of Vermentino, in February 2008.

The property is located between the towns of Luras and Sant’ Antonio di Gallura, near Lake Liscia. In Renato’s words: “Our vineyard is in the highlands of Gallura, in the heart of a prestigious sub- zone called Vena di San Leonardo, which runs from Lake Liscia to the territory around the minuscule, medieval country church of San Leonardo. Within this “vein”, our Vermentino vines lie on a particular cru called “Giannaghe” - “Jannaca” in the local dialect, facing another historic cru called “Karana”-that, in fact, is how the name “Jankara” came to be: JAN- naca-KARAna. The micro climate is superb, influenced as it is by the vast lake and the island’s second highest mountain, Limbara. Jankara is right in the middle, northeasterly exposed at 985 feet above sea level. It enjoys hot days and cool nights throughout the most critical months of the growing season. Pair that with the winds that constantly clean the air, keep temperatures down and maintain the vineyard clear of pests and disease, and you have the perfect conditions to grow quality grapes!”

Winemaker Gianni Menotti flanks the Spanus. Gianni Menotti was crowned Best Wine Maker by Bibenda in 2012 and was complimented in an article saying that for thirty years he has been dedicated to respecting the identity and personality of the grapes from Italy. His skills come as part of a career that is unparalleled in excellence. Gianni could not be happier about receiving this most prestigious award, was very humble in saying, “This is the crown to all of the years of hard work and sacrifices that have made up my professional career.”