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Location: San Donà di Piave, Province of Venice. Veneto, Italy.

The Canella family not only provides the world with fizz, fun and freshness from Canella Proseccos; they have also become masters at blending those zesty bubbles with succulent fruit in delectable, colorful cocktails –such as Blood Orange Mimosa.

The blood oranges of sultry Sicily traditionally splash Italian winters with color and warmth, ripening from late December to March like belated gifts from the summer sun. This cocktail is a blend of Canella Prosecco and superb, Sicilian blood oranges. The finest varieties are orchestrated to extract the best combination of flavors, fragrance and color: the darkest-hued, Moro; the tastiest and sweetest, Tarocco; and the tender Sanguinello. Jointly orchestrated by Empson and Canella, Blood Orange Mimosa is one of the most enjoyable wine cocktails to enjoy during the summer heat or add a delectable addition to any season and occasion.

Blood Orange Mimosa is fast becoming one of the most enjoyable wine cocktails to light up a winter evening, refresh from the summer heat, and add a delectable frisson to any season and occasion. It’s a little like tasting sunlight and snow, together; getting the wholesomeness and vitamin C of the world’s finest blood oranges and at the same time, having fun with it. Natural excellence combines with the joyful effervescence of Venetian Prosecco in an unbeatable combination.