Empson USA Bellini

Fact Sheet


Location: San Donà di Piave, Province of Venice. Veneto, Italy

Canella Bellini was founded in 1988 when Luciano Canella became the first producer to successfully bottle Bellini. The winery is located in San Donà di Piave and Luciano’s children, Alessandra, Lorenzo, Nicoletta, and Monica, now run the winery together with Tommaso, the first of the third generation.

Points of Differentiation

  • 100% estate-owned white peaches
  • Made using Canella’s own Sparkling Wine
  • No artificial flavoring, no chemical tampering
  • Low in Alcohol, 7%, and only 80 calories per serving
  • The first to successfully bottle Bellini

The History

The Canella family not only provides the world with fizz, fun, and freshness from Canella Proseccos; they have also become masters at blending those zesty bubbles with succulent fruit in delectable, colorful cocktails –such as Bellini.

The story of Bellini begins in Venice, in the legendary setting of a world-famous artists’ café. One day, its owner decided to mix juice from white peaches, Prosecco, and a few drops of wild raspberry juice. He called the drink Bellini for he loved art, and shared it with the many celebrities frequenting his bar.

Ernest Hemingway, possibly one of the greatest American writer of the twentieth century, liked the cocktail so much he mentioned it in his book, "Over the River and Into the Trees," and made Bellini a household word. It was not long before cocktail lovers and connoisseurs the world over knew the Bellini formula: three-fourths sparkling wine, one-fourth white peach juice with fresh fruit pulp, a few drops of raspberry juice.

For many years, the only true Bellini was sipped in Venice, where the authentic ingredients could be found – until one day in 1988, Canella founder Luciano decided he would be the first to successfully bottle Bellini.

More than 25 years later, the Canella’s dream has come to fruition. Canella Bellini stands as a benchmark of freshness and a tribute to Venetian creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Terroir

When the Canella’s decided to make and bottle Bellini, it was essential to the family that they were able to source quality white peaches. The Canellas agreed to place emphasis on freshness and in 2004, they planted their own peach orchards at San Donà.

They selected for Maria Bianca peach, which is renowned for its white pulp and flavorful juice. The Maria Bianca’s combination of intense aromas and fine pulp is preserved by gently blending the fruit with Canella Prosecco using state-of-the-art technology. By personally cultivating the fruit the Canellas have been able to achieve greater quality control and make sure that the fruit has fully ripened before picking.