Empson USA IL Feuduccio

Fact Sheet


Location: Orsogna, Province of Chieti, Abruzzi, Italy.

Approximately one and a half hours? drive east of Rome is the estate of Gaetano Lamaletto. Born in a tiny village just two and a half miles away, Lamaletto left his native land over forty years ago with his newly wed Maria, staking everything he had on a South American ceramics venture that proved to be highly profitable.

In 1995, the steel-willed magnate set out to craft a range of all-Abruzzi wines in celebration of his homeland. He sought the best vineyards on the market, securing superb hillside soil at the foot of Mount Maiella and a team of professionals to match. An unrelenting perfectionist, he actively coordinated every detail of the newborn operation and to this day, he is not satisfied until all aspects of Il Feuduccio have undergone his personal scrutiny.

Il Feuduccio was founded in 1996 by Gaetano and Maria Lamaletto. They purchased a vast tract of superb hillside vineyards in the region?s premier appellation, Montepulciano d?Abruzzo. The property is southerly exposed at 1,480 feet above sea level, and sits at the foot of Mount Maiella.

The winery itself is spectacular: built entirely underground, it consists of five floors that were dug into the rock. Each floor covers 16,146 square feet and the heart of operations (vinification, barrel and barrique cellars and an area reserved for bottle aging) is 46 feet beneath the vineyards. Surface under vine totals 133 acres on sandy/clayey/silty terrain. Microclimate is ideal, with very cool nights and warm days, and the vineyards are very well drained. Density is 1,800-2,050 vines per acre, yielding maximum 3.9 lbs per vine and an average total of 100,000 bottles yearly.

Clones were selected after painstaking soil analysis, done plot per plot.

Today Il Feuduccio is proudly run by the founders? son, Camillo Lamaletto, and his son Gaetano. After earning a degree in Economics at Boston University, Gaetano has decided to come back to his Abruzzo roots and is ready to learn about all expertise and traditions connected with the winery.