Empson USA Boscarelli

Fact Sheet


Location: Montepulciano, Province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

The very ?nobile? estate of Paola De Ferrari Corradi was founded in 1962 by her father, Egidio Corradi, though from day one, it was Paola who ran it; at first with her husband and after his premature passing (1983), alone.

?Managing the estate on my own, with two teenage children ? Luca and Nicol? were respectively 16 and 13 years old at the time ? was a real challenge: almost no-one thought I could make it without my husband?s support,? Paola recalls. ?I have to admit I came from a background of great love and privilege; I?d been more than a little spoiled. Ippolito?s accident uncovered abilities I didn?t know I had, since I?d never needed to prove myself before.?

Nearly half a century after the first Boscarelli vintage (1964), Paola has passed the test with highest honors: an unbroken track record of vintage-to-vintage consistency and quality.

Today, Boscarelli includes 45 acres under vine, and a 97,000 total bottle production. Further acreage is planned for Paola, Luca and Nicol?, who purchased a second small homestead in Cortona, a few miles northeast of Montepulciano. This second property now has five acres under vine, including very recent plantings. The additional terrain is not yet productive, but the plan is to increase the total production area by an additional 7.5 acres. Paola?s elder sons Luca and Nicol? are now managing the vineyard, and together, they follow step by step all the phases of the production and commercialization. The wines are styled by Paola?s eldest son, Luca De Ferrari, together with in-house oenologist Mary Ferrara and renowned consultant Maurizio Castelli. Luca?s younger brother, Nicol? De Ferrari, is in charge of vineyard management.

?What we look for in our wines,? according to Luca, ?is elegance, character and personality combined with a pleasing, approachable style. I believe our winery is one of the most innovative in Montepulciano. At the same time, we wish to maintain strong ties with the local and natural heritage, first and foremost with Cervognano, one of the finest Nobile crus, which is home to our winery.?