Fact Sheet


Location: Volano, Province of Trento. Trentino, Italy.

Trentino-Alto Adige is situated in the southern slope of the Alps, directly in contact with the Po valley and Veneto. The province’s territory is almost entirely mountainous but however in no way a uniform landscape; in fact, it takes on a complex assortment of shapes and climactic conditions within relatively small distances. These cool, mineral-rich slopes form various fertile valleys, the landscape terraced and trimmed, beauty domesticated into neatness: tidy rows of apple orchards and vines.

One such valley is called Val Lagarina, overlooking the region’s capital, Trento. Nestled in the Lagarina Valley is a state of the art winery, clean as a new penny, clean as the air you breathe when you walk the vineyards, the gravelly soil slowly releasing the accumulated heat of the day through the cool, breezy nights. The name of the winery is Lagaria, because no matter where its crips, fresh and fruity wines go, they take the Lagarina Valley with them.

The appelation’s green, rolling hills, at the foot of the imposing Dolomites mountain range are is ideally suited for viticulture. The cool temperatures and night/day, winter/summer temperature extremes endow local wines with a particular freshness and a strong backbone of acidity. Neil and Maria Empson wanted to make the quality of this privileged terrain as accessible, easy-going, and affordable as possible, so they created fruity, fragrant, well balanced little beauties whose medium body and smooth texture gently highlight any course, any day.

The soil characteristics are enhanced by an altitude of 820-1,640 feet above sea level and the vineyard management is painstaking and severe, thereby ensuring crop yields far lower than competing wines. Needless to say, character and concentration well transcend the minuscule price tags.

From one extreme to another, Sicily is where we find the country’s new winemaking frontier and where our Lagaria Merlot is made. The Trentino winery long ago inserted an elegant Sicilian Merlot in its otherwise white range and this little Mediterranean beauty fits beautifully beside its cool blonde sisters from the Dolomites. This year Lagaria’s Merlot has reverted back to its original denomination, IGT Terre Siciliane (which was previously Vigneti delle Dolomiti) to satisfy the countless requests from fans of the Mediterranean version.

The Lagaria labels have recently recieved a fun, youthful update, at the hands of one of Italy’s most exciting illustrators, Stefano Riboli.