Fact Sheet


Location: La Morra, Province of Cuneo. Piedmont, Italy.

Manuel Marchetti and his late wife, Luisa, have been in charge of the family winery since 1990, with Manuel responsible for sales & promotions, and consultant oenologist Armando Cordero orchestrating the wines. Founded by Luisa's great-great-great- grandfather, the estate was one of the very first in the area to designate single vineyards on its labels (as early as the 1950s). In fact, one of Marcarini's superb, historical crus is the 100-year-old Boschi di Berri, whose Dolcetto vines are the oldest in Italy, the only ones to have survived phylloxera and maintained indigenous rootstock.

The Marchetti vineyards, with the sole exception of Shiraz, are exclusively native, planted with grape types born and bred in the Langhe hills. The Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo grow within the 16 original nucleus, high on the rolling terroir of La Morra: two celebrated, contiguous crus, Brunate and La Serra, close to the Marcarini home and winery.

The building itself, adjoining a medieval tower, goes back to the 1700s, and the cool, ancient underground cellars provide an ideal environment for the wines' classic élevage. Classic, in fact, is a key word in the Marcarini philosophy. Ideally poised between traditional and modern, the wines are both voluptuous, embracing style and the superb longevity, and have the blockbuster structure of Piedmont's best. The exceptional vineyards, all estate-owned, are the true heart of the winery. The excellent locations, steepness of the slopes and nature of the terrain, exposure to the sunlight, exceptional microclimate, are not only conducive to top wines but to non-aggressive, natural vineyard management. The total surface under vine is 42 of the estate's 62 acres.

Today the sixth generation, comprised of Andrea (24), Chiara (22) and Elisa Marchetti (21) has begun to take an active role in the winery's activities.

Andrea received his degree in Business and Economics and now works with his father running the business side of the winery. Chiara is a chef with an eye towards setting up a Marcarini restaurant at the family agriturismo, and Elisa is studying at the University of Agricultural Science, just like her mother did.