Fact Sheet


Location: Dogliani, Cuneo. Piedmont, Italy.

It all began in 1897, when 23-year-old Luigi Einaudi (who was to become Italy’s first President in 1948) purchased the first of the Einaudi estates (poderi) at San Giacomo, near Dogliani, in the heart of Dolcetto country.

Today, his great-grandson Matteo Sardagna orchestrates production with winemaker Zvonimir Jukovic, consulting winemaker, Giuseppe Caviola, and consulting Agronomist, Giampiero Romana. Some of the region’s finest vineyard sites are assembled under the Einaudi umbrella. Today, the total surface area of the property, which is made up of twelve farmsteads, is 358 acres, 111 of which are under vine.

The vineyards, in turn, are subdivided into seven terroirs. Four of these are in Dogliani (four hills, one of which is the Vigna Tecc Cru, another the premier area of San Luigi). The underground winery, located near the Vigna Tecc Cru underwent renovation between 1993 and 2001. During that time, the winery was gradually doubled in size and includes state- of-the-art barrels and barrique cellars, sophisticated humidity and temperature control systems, and a new-generation bottle cellar stocking over 240,000-270,000 bottles.