Empson USA Ca Rome

Fact Sheet


Location: Barbaresco, Cuneo. Piedmont, Italy.

Founded in 1980, Ca’ Rome’ is located in Barbaresco in Piedmont. Founded by Romano Marengo, Ca’ Rome’ is home to classic red winemaking, and quality wines.

Points of Differentiation

  • Ca’ Rome’ has six ideally located vineyards, three in Barolo and three in Barbaresco.
  • Romano Marengo personally styles the range.
  • Romano has nearly 70 years of professional experience in the wine world behind him
  • Ca’ Rome’ employs eco-sustainable viticultural practices like grassing, fertilization and cover cropping with green manure or other organic composts

The History

Romano Marengo founded Ca’ Rome’ in 1980, and though he was only 46 years old at the time, this warm, wonderful man already had three decades of professional experience in the wine world behind him. The Ca’ Rome’ philosophy starts with the name: Ca’ is short for casa, or home, and for the Marengos the winery is their home and their family.

Romano is flanked by his wife, Olimpia, and their enologist son Giuseppe, who assists him in styling the range, and daughters Paola, who is in charge of PR and Marketing, and Maria. The first impression of Ca’ Rome' is a quiet, country-home air, made for leisure and family life. It is easy to see how Romano grew his children and his wines with the same sterling discipline, the same sense of excellence and impeccable standards.

Ca’ Rome’ is home to classic red wine-making, and to the very finest quality in life, as in wines. The cornerstones of the Ca’ Rome’ philosophy are the most rigorous grape selection, state-of-the-art vinification, and attentive élevage in oak, both 25-hectoliter Slavonian barrels and French barriques. The family’s focus on simplicity, sincerity, and kindness exudes in everything they do, from crafting the wines to entertaining visitors at the winery.

The Terroir

Ca’ Rome’ covers 17 acres under vine, five of the acres are rented and run by the Marengos as Piedmontese vineyard space is notoriously hard to come by. The vineyards are partly located at Barbaresco, partly at Serralunga d’Alba, in Barolo territory. There are three Barbaresco crus: the Chiaramanti cru, the Rio Sordo cru, the Maria di Brün cru, famous for Barbarescos of great finesse, and, in Barolo territory: the Serralunga cru, Cerretta cru and Rapet cru renowned for structure and magnitude.